Three Ways an Expert Can Grind Your Concrete Floor

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Concrete is a reliable building material. Many people use it for various construction projects such as homes, bridges, pathways and commercial spaces. Concrete boasts of both strength and aesthetic appeal that other materials fail to offer in the construction market. You can subject it to various procedures and treatments to end up with unique finishes. For example, concrete grinding enables you to use machines and treatments to buff the top layer of a concrete floor, enhancing its beauty or readying it for floor covering. Flooring experts have different ways of grinding concrete floors based on your needs. Check out some of the options that they might use:


Generally, abrasion refers to a mechanical process of wearing something away. The point is to utilise friction to scrape off unwanted material from a particular surface, leaving a desirable face. Similarly, concrete grinding by abrasion erodes the surface to remove bumps and lumps while leaving a smooth and even plane. Most flooring professionals use grinders to rub against the uneven floor and leave a better grade for pedestrians to walk over. After abrasion, you can leave the floor in the polished state it is in or lay a more resilient cover over it.

Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments, also called surface treatments, involve using acids and detergents that react actively with concrete. The chemicals help to get rid of impurities that interfere with the quality of the concrete floor. In most cases, chemical treatments do not alter the surface profile of a concrete floor, but removing impurities does the floor a big favour. It ensures that your floor only has the right materials, free of dirt and grime that found its way into the floor profile during construction. Chemical treatments are ideal for near-perfect floors that require little modification.


Just as the name of this technique suggests, grinding by impact requires lots of force and specialised equipment. Hardened blades, bits and cutters often come into use to hit the concrete floor repeatedly and break it up. This method has a high risk of damaging the floor, but experts can regulate the machines to control the amount of scarring the floor endures. Only sections with huge bumps receive harder hits to get them on the same plane as the rest of the floor. The impact method is necessary when you have a terrible floor and you need to redo most of it. It will leave you with a proper surface to lay a better floor covering.


18 October 2018

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