Sagging Gutters: Determining Cause And Learning How To Perform The Repairs Needed


Although Australia has significantly low annual rainfall averages of approximately 464 mm, it is crucial that all residential properties have appropriate gutter systems installed to divert runoff water from seeping into the roofing interior. The frequency of gutter inspections needed will be dependent on the geographical region in which you reside. Some homeowners have their gutters inspected monthly while others get them inspected 3 to 4 times in a year. The inspection will determine not only whether the gutters need to be cleaned, but whether gutter repairs are necessary, especially if sagging is involved. This article will focus on why gutters sag and how to perform the repairs necessary to correct the situation.

Main Problem Behind A Sagging Gutter

Now, you may wonder what's wrong with a sagging gutter and how it affects the condition of your roofing. A sagging gutter will create a pocket indentation, and won't be able to drain water to the downspout. The water will remain in this pocket and become stagnant, thus becoming the perfect breeding ground for many pests and insects, like mosquitoes. 

Eventually, the gutter will give way to the weight of the water and begin to leak. The water leaking from the gutters will begin to seep into the roofing structure and may cause water damage to the internal structural wood. Water damage is irreversible, and the water damage may cause the internal structural wood to rot. The only solution at that point will be to demolish the existing structure and replace it. 

Causes Behind a Sagging Gutter

To determine what types of repairs are needed, you and a professional roofer will first need to determine what the culprit behind the sagging is. There are a number of reasons for why your gutters may be sagging, and they include:

  • Having large or heavy objects lying against the gutters. For example, if you left a ladder leaning against the gutters when you were putting up the Christmas lights, then the weight of the ladder may have caused the gutters to sag.
  • Heavy rainfall.
  • Build-up of dirt and debris, like leaves, from neglecting to clean the gutters regularly. 
  • Extreme weather. If you live in a geographic region prone to snowing, and the snow was not efficiently removed from the gutters, it could cause sagging. 

Possible Repairs That Can Be Done

Depending on what the causes behind the sagging gutter are, the professional roofers may recommend different repair options. Generally speaking, if you can localise the problem, you should. If the gutter is bent or torn, then most roofers would recommend that you remove and replace that entire gutter section in order to preserve the structural integrity of the gutters.

If the hangars or spikes that hold sections of the gutters in place are loose or broken, then you may be able to repair only a localised area. In these situations, most roofers would recommend just simply removing and replacing the defective hardware by using a pry bar, a hammer and locking pliers. To ensure that the hangars or spikes fit snugly, some roofers would recommend placing wooden shims coated with epoxy resin into the hole first before threading in the new spike. This will help secure the spikes to ensure that they do not fail again.


A sagging gutter should not be taken lightly. If you notice any sagging, you should contact a professional roofer immediately in order to determine what the causes are and what type of repairs are possible. By fixing the problem when it is still minor, you can prevent it from worsening and costing you a fortune in the future.


14 October 2014

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