Tubular Fencing: What Is Powder Coating And Why Should You Consider Opting For It?


Did you know that home invasions jumped 21% in Australia after 1996 when the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) was passed? To combat this, you should consider installing fencing around your property. Tubular fencing, in particular, has been highly recommended due to its sturdiness, low maintenance requirements and its availability in a diverse amount of styles and designs. Tubular fencing should be powder-coated. This article will explore what powder coating is and why you should get your tubular fencing powder-coated. 

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is typically recommended over paint, and is a dry finishing process applied over the tubular fencing. Powder coating is made from a combination of polymer resin, curatives, pigments, leveling agents, flow modifiers and other types of additives. 

This combination of chemicals is applied through a process known as electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) using a spray gun. The powder has an electrostatic charge applied to it, so that it adheres to the metal substrate. The metal substrate, along with the powder coating, then enters the curing oven, causing long molecular chains with a high cross-link density to be produced. This baking process will solidify the powder so that it is in one smooth, continuous layer, which is roughly twice as thick and hard as enamel finishes. 

Powder coating can be applied in a variety of different colors, and possesses a smooth and attractive finish. It is an attractive option that will help protect the underlying metal, which is most commonly aluminium. However, powder coating can be applied over a wide array of different materials, like plastic and wood.

Why Should You Powder Coat The Tubular Fencing?

If you are on the fence regarding whether you should powder coat or paint the tubular fencing, you should consider these reasons regarding why powder coating has been noted to reign supreme. These reasons include:

  • offering a clean and attractive finish. In comparison to paint, powder coating is a lot more durable and will be able to protect the tubular fencing from rust and corrosion, thus allowing the tubular fencing to last longer. A powder coating is also extremely attractive, and will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the tubular fencing.
  • providing higher resistance to chipping, chemicals, fading, and general wear and tear. Tubular fencing that possesses powder coating will typically look like new for a longer period of time, and will also require less maintenance in the long run. It also exhibits a higher resistance to environmental and elemental conditions, such as exposure to ultraviolet rays and moisture.
  • being environmentally friendly. Since the powder coating process does not involve wet paint solvents, it reduces the amount of medium that will eventually evaporate into the environment. This is a common problem with paint. In addition, powder coating tend to last longer than paint and will require only one application.
  • improving the structural integrity of the tubular fencing. If security is your primary concern, then you will want to opt for powder coating as it will improve the structural integrity of the fencing, making it a long sturdier and stronger. Powder coating can withstand a tremendous amount of impact.
  • being offered in a wide variety of different colors. You will be able to choose the color of the powder coating that is most compatible with the style of your property.


Powder coating finishes on tubular fencing is a worthwhile investment that will help improve the strength and durability of the fencing, and also increase the security that your property enjoys. It is a relatively simple process that offers attractive benefits, and has been a highly recommended option over enamel paint for aluminum tubular fencing in particular.


17 October 2014

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