4 Dog-Related Problems that an End of Lease Cleaner Can Cope with Better than You

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For owners, dogs can be the most important part of their homes. However, you might find that the people who occupy the property after you aren't so keen on the things they leave behind, and your landlord may refuse to return your full bond if the dog has left any signs. Even if they do return your bond in full, it's only polite to make sure the property is just the way you found it when you leave it; after all, it was nice of your landlord to allow pets in the first place.

To make sure that your place is completely cleaned, you should be sure to contact a professional end of lease cleaning company. Here are just four doggie signs that they will be able to eliminate better than you can.

1. Fleas

You might be slightly offended by the suggestion that your dog could have bought fleas into the home, but it's always a possibility. Unless you have some very special skills and equipment, you won't be able to identify the presence of fleas or larvae in a property. A professional cleaner will be able to use cleaning equipment that kills such nasties on contact, such as steam cleaners.

2. Smell

Most dogs have a certain smell, but most owners cease to notice it after a while. Unfortunately, it's probably still there, and your landlord isn't going to be impressed when they walk into the newly-vacated property and find that it still reeks of dog. Removing that doggie odour can be tough for most people, but professional cleaners will be able to use the best equipment and products to get the property smelling fresh once again.

3. Dander

One of the worst things that a dog can leave behind is completely invisible and odourless: dander. Dander is basically a nicer word for dead skin cells. Your pet will shed these, and anyone with allergies will start sneezing once they come in contact with them. You really need to have your whole home professionally cleaned to get rid of all that dander, especially if the property came furnished.

4. Fur

Finally, there's fur. You might be telling yourself that you can sweep up fur yourself, but you'd be amazing how many places it can get to that you wouldn't even think about. A professional cleaner will be able to get into every crack and crevice, covering all possible areas to leave the home free of fur.


8 May 2017

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