Building Supplies You Could Consider As Stair Coverings

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Concrete tends to be a preferred building material due to the inherent strength that it has. As such, you will find it used in an assortment of applications around your structure including stairs. However, despite the enhanced sturdiness of concrete stairs, it should be noted that leaving them unfinished could make them much harder to maintain as compared to their timber counterparts. If the concrete stairs are not covered with a suitable material, they can be prone to cracking, which results in premature deterioration. If you have concrete stairs on your property, here are some of the building supplies that you could consider as stair coverings.


Wood may not offer you the toughness of concrete, but it is a classic option if you are seeking to boost the aesthetic appeal of your concrete stairs. The timber used as stair coverings is usually available in pre-cut options, which can be directly affixed onto the stairs. Alternatively, you could have your contractor custom-design timber coverings that will be custom fit to your staircase. Since timber comes in a broad range of colours and grains, it would be easy for you to select a material that can complement your current interior décor. Once the timber is installed, ensure that the coverings are sealed on a routine basis so that they can stay in pristine condition for a long time to come.


Tile remains a classic material when it comes to building supplies due to its versatile nature. Firstly, tile is available in a wide assortment of materials, colours and sizes. Hence, you will be able to create unique patterns and designs on your stairs. Secondly, tile is a highly durable material.  As such, it is suited for use as coverings on stairs that are exposed to high traffic as the tile will not easily succumb to wear and tear. If the tiling does acquire damage, it can easily be remedied, as all you would need to do is remove the affected tile and replace it with a new one. Therefore, it is recommended to keep a few extra tiles in storage specifically as a back-up for these occasions.  

Natural stone

When some individuals think of natural stone, they tend to assume it is only suitable for benchtops or exterior flooring applications. The truth is the inherent durability of natural stone, as well as the rustic flair it provides, has made homeowners consider this material for other uses in and around the home. If you would like your stairs to stand out, you may want to consider the installation of natural stone as your choice covering. Materials such as slate come in neutral palettes that are sure to integrate well with any décor.

Talk to your builder for more suggestions. 


8 May 2017

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