DIY Concrete Cutting: How to Achieve the Perfect Concrete Saw Cut

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If you are undertaking a DIY concrete cutting project, it is essential to understand that the task requires more than just renting sawing equipment and possessing some handy skills. Concrete cutting is a challenging task that requires utmost precision and patience to achieve the perfect cut. However, this does not mean you cannot get the best results unless you are a professional. By practicing proper techniques, you can have concrete slabs that have been cut to precision. Read on for some insightful tips on how to achieve the perfect concrete saw cuts as a DIYer.

Choose the right tools

The kind of equipment used in concrete cutting plays a significant role in determining the quality of the cuts. While ancient techniques such as the use of chisels and sledgehammers are still used to date, they may not deliver high-quality cuts. If you are using rented equipment, invest in quality tools such as the specialized power saws that are manufactured for concrete cutting. Such saws give a guarantee of flawless finishes on concrete surfaces provided they are used correctly.

Besides choosing the right equipment, ensure that you get the best blades as well. Diamond blades are the best accompaniment for a specialized concrete saw as they are designed to cut through dense and rigid surfaces such as concrete without imperfections.

Begin with a surface cut

The best way to guarantee precise cuts on concrete is by starting with a simple surface cut. This creates a mark on the surface where you are cutting along. It also breaks the surface compactness of the concrete slab and enables the blade to break through during the subsequent cuts. Set the equipment to a lower setting as you make a surface cut to avoid cutting deep into the surface.

Before making this cut, always draw out the area you want to cut to avoid irreversible mistakes once the blade meets the concrete. You can use chalk or a marking pen whose ink can be easily washed away after the process.

Retract the blade between cuts

Some power saws have a tendency of overheating when used over an extended period without breaks. To avoid this, you should retract the blade after every few cuts and let the equipment run freely for two or three minutes before proceeding with the task. This rest period will cool down the blade and also give you a chance to assess your cut and ensure that it is along the desired path.

Contact a concrete contractor if you face any difficulties with your concrete cutting project.


9 May 2017

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