Some Popular Material Selections Available for Exterior Bi-fold Doors

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Exterior doors are one of the most conspicuous components of any home. If you are planning to build a new home, it is important that you give careful consideration to the type of exterior doors you will install. There are different types of doors being commercially sold today in the construction market. This may make settling on a particular set of doors for your home exteriors rather confusing and difficult. If you are contemplating installing bi-fold doors, you should first be aware that they are not all made the same. Exterior bi-fold doors come in a selection of different materials. Here are a few material selections you can choose from. 


One of the oldest and most popular materials used to make exterior bi-fold doors is timber. Timber is highly valued for its natural look and rustic appeal. In fact, the look of timber doors is so unique that manufacturers of other door types often try to imitate it when they are finishing their products. Exterior bi-fold doors made of timber are an ideal choice for traditional-styled homes or for homes located in the woodlands, as it blends well with the surrounding tree coverage. 

As wood is a good heat insulator, these doors minimise heat transfer in the home. This makes them an energy efficiency option for modern homes. The major downsides of timber doors is that they may rot or warp when they are exposed to the elements. In addition, wood-loving insects can invade the doors. To prevent this, the wood is usually treated with preservatives and given protective finishes. 


Another material commonly used to make external bi-fold doors is aluminium. Aluminium is usually preferred over other metal materials because of its remarkable strength, lightweight advantage and superior corrosion resistance. It is often favoured in areas where timber doors are susceptible to decaying, insect attacks and warping. The only major threats to aluminium doors is rust and corrosion.

To cushion against rust that may arise due to constant exposure to wet conditions, aluminium doors can be painted or powder-coated to protect the substrate metal from the elements. However, the chosen finish type may not protect the substrate from reacting with harsh chemicals, so it is advisable not to use any corrosive cleaning products on aluminium doors.


PVC is one of the newest materials being used to manufacture exterior bi-fold doors. It is also one of the cheapest options available, does not react with chemicals, and is unaffected by wet conditions. These qualities makes it appealing for most price-savvy homeowners. 

While the choice is yours to make, feel free to consult a trusted door supplier if you need any concerns addressed before you can make a purchase decision.


18 May 2017

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