How Your Dream Pool Can Still Be Eco-Friendly


There's nothing better than a swim in cooling waters on a stiflingly hot day. And when you have your own pool, you can cool down and swim peacefully at your leisure.

Private pools have long been a symbol of wealth and status, although they're increasingly popular in all sectors of society as they've become more affordable.

Although home pools are extremely desirable, some people are put off having one installed because of the environmental impact. In addition to the water used, there's the energy consumption to think of, plus the chemicals needed to keep everything clean and hygienic. If you're reluctant to have your own pool for environmental reasons, here are some ways you can make it more eco-friendly.

Chlorine alternatives

Although chlorine is the standard method of sanitising pool water, you may be surprised to learn it's not the only option. Natural alternatives include filters that use sand or moss, or the right plants growing around the edges of the pool. This latter option also creates a wild, pond-like look that many people find appealing.

For extra water-cleaning power, you can integrate ultraviolet purifying technologies into your pool setup, which will help keep bacteria at bay.


Keeping the water at a nice temperature is one of the more expensive, energy-sapping aspects of running a pool. To cut down on your consumption and reduce your carbon footprint, a solar-powered pool heater is the way to go. Using the sun's energy to warm your water is about as natural as it gets, and it doesn't only work during the daytime; water stays pleasant into the evening.

Water saving

Although you don't need to perform a full water change too often, there's still a lot of it used to fill a pool. One incredibly simple way to minimise the amount used is to talk to your designer about your ideal pool depth. A pool that's deeper than you need it to be is just wasting water, so cut down your usage by leaving things a bit more shallow.

Evaporation is another way water is wasted, so invest in a good quality pool cover and leave the pool covered over whenever you're not using it. You'll be surprised at how quickly water disappears in the heat of summer.

Energy-efficient pumping

Pool pumps have become increasingly efficient, with some designed specifically with minimal energy use in mind. They're essential pieces of equipment to keep water moving and cut down on algae and bugs, and you don't have to go without one if you choose an energy-efficient model.

For additional advice, contact designer pool builders in your area.


24 October 2017

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