3 Benefits of Installing a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

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If you are carrying out renovation work in your bathroom or kitchen, you may be concerned about the impact that moisture can have on the wall surfaces around the sinks or bath. If moisture soaks into the wall surface in a kitchen or bathroom, it can lead to peeling wallpaper, mould and damage to the wall itself. The easiest way of defending your home against the problems posed by moisture in a kitchen or bathroom area is to install glass splashbacks. In recent times, glass splashbacks have become increasingly popular in Australia. This article will explore 3 of the reasons why glass splashbacks are in such demand and why you should consider installing them in your home.

A glass splashback will help to improve lighting

Many kitchen and bathroom areas in modern Australian homes are quite small when compared to other areas of the house. The small size of these areas can leave them feeling cramped and dark. You can combat this problem by installing a mirrored glass splashback in your kitchen or bathroom. The mirrored glass splashback will reflect any lighting which is present in the room, helping to illuminate the space in a warm glow. Having a mirrored surface can also help to increase the sense of space in a small bathroom or kitchen. To get the most out of your glass splashback, you should ask the contractor to install LED lights around the edge of it once it is installed.

A glass splashback is aesthetically pleasing to the eye

The number one benefit of installing a glass splashback on your property is that it is aesthetically pleasing to look at. Glass splashbacks are now available in a range of colours, which means that they can be chosen to compliment the interior decor of your home perfectly. You can also request that the splashback is engraved with an image or a message which helps to create that personal touch. Mirrored splashbacks provide a secondary function and allow you to do your make up or to brush your hair while using the bathroom sink.

A glass splashback is easy to clean

Finally, the biggest benefit of installing a glass splashback in your kitchen or bathroom is that it is easy to clean. Cooking in the kitchen or washing in the bathroom can both result in liquids being splashed around. A glass splashback will act as a barrier to prevent these fluids from landed on the surrounding wall surface. Once you are finished, you can simply wipe down the glass surface to keep your kitchen or bathroom space nice and clean.

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5 December 2017

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