3 Reasons You Need Specialist Marina Builders

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If you're undertaking a marina construction project, you probably have spoken to a variety of builders and are possibly wondering whether you should hire specialist marina builders. The answer is yes! Whether you are looking to have a pontoon, jetty or floating dock installed, these can be complicated projects which do require expert knowledge specific to working on water-based projects. Many marina builders will offer turnkey solutions alongside the custom design and engineering work, so do not assume that working with a specialist will automatically be out of your price range.

Although many construction companies and contractors will be able to apply their trade and prior experience to a marina construction project, you are always better off selecting an expert in your field. This is true even between different types of marina construction—for example, marina builders who have worked exclusively on industrial or commercial marinas are unlikely to be able to provide the right residential option for you. 

Whatever the project you are working on, here are three reasons you should hire specialist marina builders.

Full service offering

While any builder should be able to work out the technical aspects of marina construction, marina builders will be able to guide you through the entire project from start to finish. They will be able to call on their colleagues for additional input into the best solution for your project—for example, being able to recommend whether a floating pontoon or fixed jetty will get you the result you want. You can also expect a more accurate projection of timelines for the work, as they will better understand the factors which will impact this and will be able to draw on previous projects.

Lower pricing 

Marina builders are likely to have previously arranged trade deals with material suppliers, meaning they will have access to a better rate. On the other hand, more generalist builders are likely to have to track down new suppliers for your project and will not have the connections to get you the best costs. A marina builder therefore is often going to be the most cost-effective solution. 

Less risk, more reward

While most builders will have examples of their previous work on their websites and should be able to provide references for the quality of their work and customer service, you will not be able to fully guarantee that this is the same outcome you would get from a marina construction project. Marina builders, however, will have pages and pages of prior work which you can use as inspiration and to confirm they know what they are doing.


8 January 2018

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