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For the longest time, human beings have depended on locks and keys to secure homes, buildings, offices, and units. However, in a commercial facility like a restaurant with many employees, locks can only do so much to restrict access. You cannot monitor when and how the keys are used. People may duplicate the keys and gain access to restricted parts of the business.

Access control systems provide a revolutionary security solution for residential and commercial spaces. However, most people associate them with offices, banks and other corporate buildings. Did you know that you can make use of restricted access control systems to manage your restaurant better, enhance security and make savings? If not, read on to find out how.

Facilitate quick deliveries

Restaurants usually involve a lot of food deliveries, some of which have to be made during off hours. With a typical lock-and-key security system, you would need someone to be physically present at all deliveries so that they can let the suppliers into the building. If you have a longstanding relationship and have built trust with some your suppliers and vendors, you can grant them partial access to a temporary holding area. This way, they can come in, drop their suppliers, and leave without requiring someone to let them in. Partial access means that they cannot access other parts of the building such as the store, kitchen or offices.

Provide hands-free access to employees

Your workers have a lot to do during their working hours. They have to collect supplies, load them into the freezer and store and do other manual tasks. It would be hectic and time-consuming for each worker to lock and unlock a door every time they need to access a particular room. Providing hands-free access allows workers to move between rooms fast, load and offload supplies quickly and perform efficiently. As long as someone has the fob in their pocket, the door will be automatically activated when they approach it. This technology will restrict any unauthorised persons from accessing the various rooms in the eatery.

Control energy losses

One of the greatest culprits of energy loss in a restaurant is the walk-in freezer. People can leave the door open for minutes, and this will increase your energy bills. An access control system can allow you to monitor energy consumption in such units. Besides restricting access, the system also records foot traffic in and out of the walk-in cold storage. You can also set an alert to notify you when the door is left open for extended periods. This enables you to follow up and warn the culprits to reduce energy losses in the facility.

Contact commercial locksmiths for proper selection and installation of an access control system in your restaurant.


26 February 2018

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