How to Select Security Screen Doors


The options available for people who want to buy security screen doors are so many that one can easily be overwhelmed. However, the task of selecting the most appropriate security screens for your home can be eased if you ask yourself some key questions before you go shopping. This article discusses some of those helpful questions.

How Often Do You Remodel?

Some people love remodeling their homes every year or so. Such people may need to select security screen doors that can allow them to change the appearance of those doors during remodeling projects. For example, painted security screen doors can be repainted as often as you want to match the colour theme of your home. Such frequent colour changes may not be easy if you opt for powder-coated security screen doors. Powder-coating is a good finish for people who want a security screen door which will remain corrosion-free for long with minimal maintenance.

How Much Airflow Do You Want?

Different homeowners may seek varying levels of airflow into their homes. For example, a person who suffers from allergies may not be interested in the same level of airflow as another person who doesn't suffer from those complications. How is this connected to security screen doors?

The frames from which these doors are made have an impact on the airflow through the security screens. For example, the inherent weakness of aluminium compels manufacturers to design wider frames to achieve a desired strength level for the frame. That wider frame reduces how much space is available for air to flow through the screen. Steel is inherently strong. Consequently, the frame is narrower and leaves more room for airflow through the screen. Select a frame type which will address your airflow needs.

How Is the Wind Strength in Your Area?

Always consider the frequency and strength of the wind that usually blows through your area as you select security screen doors for your home. This will help you to select a screen door with a feature which can address that situation. Wind chains are helpful in keeping wind gusts from opening that security screen door excessively.

As such, no single security screen door will be suitable for every situation. It is therefore necessary for you to assess your needs before you start shopping for security screen doors. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Southern Screen Scene to find the screen door that will meet your needs.


24 March 2018

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