Is Leak Prevention Plausible In Your Home?


The discovery of leaks in your house is one of the leading causes of frustration for homeowners. Persistent leaks do not only mean that your property is at perpetual risk of water damage, but it also means an increase in water consumption and subsequently a spike in water costs! If you are one of the Aussies hit by the drought, this could be a genuine catastrophe on your hands.

And that is why it is critical for homeowners to know how to prevent leaks from springing in the first place so that they do not have to look for ways of mitigating this plumbing emergency after it is too late. Fortunately, a few changes here and there could greatly protect your residence from this problem. So how is leak prevention plausible in your home?

Do not expose your plumbing to industrial cleaning agents

The moment you discover you have a stubborn clog that your plunger cannot get rid of, chances are you will reach for the heavy-duty cleaning agents in an attempt to dissolve whatever mass is blocking your pipes. Although these industrial-strength cleaners will eliminate the blockage, you should also consider that the same corrosive properties that help clear the clog could also have a harmful effect on the lining of your piping. Regular use of these cleaning agents increases the risks of holes in your plumbing, and you eventually end up contending with leaks.

Instead of resorting to these cleaners, you should tackle leak prevention with a two-pronged approach. Firstly, be meticulous about ensuring food scraps and grease do not make their way down your drains. Secondly, concoct a homemade cleaning solution by using baking soda, vinegar and hot water to flush your pipes on a periodic basis.

Take proactive steps to prevent corrosion

The second thing that is critical to leak prevention in your home is stopping pipe corrosion in its tracks before it becomes too widespread to remedy. Keep in mind that corrosion does not only occur due to extra-strength cleaners, but it can also happen due to the constant exposure to various substances that pass through your drains. Not to mention, iron pipes are at the highest risk of becoming corroded, even with proper care and maintenance.

To get ahead of hardware corrosion, the first thing to do is enlist professional drain cleaning services on a scheduled basis so that lingering substances do not get a chance to erode the inner lining of your pipes. Secondly, if you have metal pipes, it either is advisable to have them relined with a non-corrosive material or opt for complete plumbing replacement with PVC pipes.

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3 April 2018

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