3 Portaloo Options for Construction Sites

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As stipulated by local authority regulations, construction sites are required to have adequate toilets. Instead of constructing a permanent or semi-permanent toilet, contractors prefer to hire portaloos due to their cost-saving aspect as well as ease of installation. However, when choosing a portaloo, most construction contractors tend to concentrate on simple details such as the number of people who are expected to use the toilet. While such aspects are critical, it is worth noting that they are not the only requisites that contractors should be considering. It is important to know the various options at your disposal so that you can make an informed decision when leasing portable toilets. This post highlights some of the most common portaloo hire options that rental firms offer.

Sewer Connection -- If there is a sewer system in or near a construction site, it would be best to hire a sewer-connected portaloo. Firstly, sewer-enabled toilets are the most convenient, as they allow you to take advantage of a sewerage system, which is a convenience that other models do not provide. Secondly, if your site has a large number of construction workers, you do not have to worry about the toilet getting full quickly because sewer-connected portaloos facilitate waste removal regardless of the number of users. In essence, a sewer-connected portable toilet eliminates the need for regular emptying. Lastly, sewer-connected portaloos have a lower operating cost since they operate like a standard toilet that is connected to a sewer system. Remember that sewer-connected portaloos will only work where a sewer line is easily accessible.

Chemically Treated Portaloos -- For construction sites that cannot access the local sewer line, there is another option in chemically-treated portable toilets. Unlike the sewer-connected option, these portaloos rely on chemical breakdown of waste to slow down filling. For instance, when one is done with their business, they flush the toilet, and the residue is deposited in an inbuilt chemical compartment where the breakdown takes place. It is critical to understand that despite the waste being broken down, the chemically treated portaloos do not have an outlet. As such, you have to call a service provider to empty the toilet on a scheduled basis. Chemically treated portaloos are suitable for an average-sized construction site.

Self-Servicing Portaloos -- Some construction sites make it difficult for portaloo service providers to maneuver about because of equipment and materials. For such sites, the self-servicing portaloo is ideal because it combines the simplicity of a portable cassette toilet with the privacy of a portaloo unit. With a removable cassette that flushes waste into a tank, the self-servicing portaloo allows for ease of operation. When the tank is full, it is removed, and the contents are emptied at a waste disposal site.


29 May 2018

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