Storing Timber: 2 Top Tips

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If you have purchased timber for a home construction project, it is unlikely that you will be ready to use it right away. This means you will need to store the timber until you are ready to cut, prepare and install it in your home. However, if you do not store the timber in a safe way, you may find that it is damaged and unusable when you are ready to install it. Below is a guide to 3 things you should do to protect timber before you use it as part of a construction job.

Do not place timber on the ground

You should never place timber directly on the ground or floor. If you do so, you will be exposing the wood to higher levels of moisture which are typically found at lower levels. This moisture will be absorbed by the timber which will lead to it becoming cracked or misshapen. You should always place pieces of wood on a raised surface. If you place timber on the ground outside, it is likely to become prime food for termites and other bugs. Ideally, you should place timber on a raised surface which is completely flat. Placing the timber on a raised surface will reduce the chance that the wood will become warped out of shape by moisture. Placing the timber on a flat surface will prevent it from being pushed out of shape by any bumps or raised patches on the ground.

Make sure the timber is protected from the weather

Ideally, you should store timber in an indoor space where it will be protected from the rain. If the timber is untreated, any moisture which comes into contact with the wood will be absorbed. This can cause the timber to swell out of shape which in turn can lead to cracks and split appearing in the surface. Bright sunlight can have the opposite effect, causing timber to dry out and shrink which can also lead to it becoming warped or cracked. If you must store timber outside, you should cover it in tarpaulin to protect it from the rain. However, although the timber is covered, you must allow it to breathe by ensuring air can circulate beneath the tarpaulin. You also need to keep the wood out of direct sunlight.

If you would like further advice and information about this subject, you should contact a local timber supplier today.


21 August 2018

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