Four Crucial Safety Guidelines for Effective Drain Cleaning

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If you are planning on unclogging or cleaning drains on your property, you should think about hiring a professional contractor for the work. An expert will ensure that the affected drain channels are cleaned thoroughly, eliminating future blockage problems. Also, the contractor will be more equipped to deal with the potential dangers of the task. On the other hand, DIY drain cleaning is favourable if you want to save money. If you are interested in undertaking drain cleaning without professional, consider the tips below to avoid any harm.

Use Personal Safety Gear

You should acquire personal protective equipment for the drain cleaning work. Most potential injuries can be prevented if the vulnerable areas are adequately covered. Use thick gloves to protect your hands from danger, especially when working with corrosive chemicals. You should also don protective goggles to minimise the effect of hazardous splashes from the drain. In addition, it is important to have clothing that covers all exposed skin and protective, slip-resistant shoes.

Check the Equipment

If you would like to use drain cleaning equipment such as high-jet pressure washer, snakes and augers, you should ensure that the items are in good condition. It is not uncommon for people to sustain injuries because of using faulty machines. Check the equipment for damage and anomalies, and have any faults repaired before use. If you are new to drain cleaning, you might find some equipment difficult to use. Therefore, it is advisable to read the owner's manual for instructions before use.

Choose Suitable Chemicals

Chemical drain cleaners are favoured because they are easy to use in comparison to speciality equipment. In simple terms, a person without experience in drain cleaning can unclog channels with chemicals with ease. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dangers involved in using chemicals. Some products are highly toxic and will cause problems when inhaled. Other chemicals will react negatively after coming in contact with the drain. Therefore, you should choose your drain opening products with care. The product should be compatible with your drains, and it should pose minimal danger to you. Additionally, use the chemicals in the recommended quantities, and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Ventilate the Space

Finally, it is essential to ventilate your workspace during the drain cleaning process. Most drains have dangerous fumes and harmful microorganisms. If the drains are opened in a poorly ventilated space, the hazardous materials will put you in jeopardy. Therefore, you must allow fresh air to flow through the space during your work to minimise your exposure to danger. 


11 January 2019

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