Two tips for expectant mothers who plan to have extensions built onto their homes

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If you're an expectant mother and plan to have an extension built onto your home during your pregnancy, here is some advice that you may want to keep in mind.

Speak to your builders if their work is affecting your health

One of the main issues with getting builders to perform work on your home whilst you are pregnant is that some of the construction activities could put you and your baby's health at risk. For example, if the construction workers need to use products that contain solvents (like construction adhesives and paint thinners) and you inhale the fumes, these chemicals could potentially negatively affect your baby's development. Additionally, if the noise of the construction work causes you to feel extremely stressed, this could also have a negative impact on you and your baby's health.

To combat this, you must speak to your builders promptly, if the extension-building process is beginning to affect your physical or mental well-being. For example, if the solvent fumes from their work area are drifting into the rest of your home, you may want to ask them to seal off their work area or, alternatively, to use the solvents outside in your garden. Additionally, if the noise from the builder's power tools is beginning to make you feel too stressed, you might want to ask them to take a break and do a quieter form of work for a few hours; this could give you a chance to relax for a little while and thus lower your stress levels.

Don't try to pitch in

It's common for people to want to pitch in when they're having extensions built onto their homes, as this can sometimes lower the cost of this type of project and get the work completed a bit faster. However, if you're an expectant mother, you should not try to participate in this process, as construction work can be dangerous. It often involves handling hazardous equipment, working at height and coming into contact with potentially harmful substances (like cement, silica dust, etc.).

This can be problematic if you are expecting a baby, as pregnancy can often affect a woman's balance and coordination and, in doing so, can make her more accident-prone. As such, if you try to pitch in, you could easily end up falling off a ladder, cutting yourself with a tool or spilling a harmful substance all over yourself. This could then put you and your baby's health at risk. Given this, even if you feel energetic and able to participate in the construction work, you should ignore this temptation and simply let the builders do their work without your help.

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28 February 2019

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