Factors to Consider when Buying Pressure Relief Valves

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If you use compressors in your workplace, then you understand that the highly pressurized containers are a safety hazard if not handled properly. It is because a difference in pressure on the inside and the outside of the compressor causes air to expand on one side. If the pressure difference is not controlled, then the compressor will explode. It is for this reason that you must choose the right pressure relief valve for your compressor. Don't just buy one based on the size of the compressor's piping system. This article highlights some of the critical factors you need to consider when purchasing a pressure relief valve.

Temperature -- One of the most critical factors that you must consider when buying a pressure relief valve is the temperature of the fluid or pressure medium. Notably, the material used to make the pressure relief valve must handle the temperatures involved. For example, if the valve is required for controlling the flow of high-temperature fluids, the valve should be made of steel. Steel can operate at very high temperatures without showing signs of failure. On the other hand, when dealing with low-temperature fluids and gases, relief valves that are made of bronze are recommended.

Required Capacity -- Although pressure relief valves are supposed to relieve excess pressure from compressors, they have their limits. Additionally, different brands of relief valves have different limits; therefore, you must buy a pressure relief valve with the right capacity. It is essential because if pressure exceeds the relief valve's capacity, then it will most likely lead to equipment damage and accidents. For instance, if a pressure relief valve has a capacity of 1200 units, then any additional pressure is counterproductive. Therefore, ensure that you first know how much a relief valve can handle before making a purchase decision.

Back Pressure -- Back pressure in compressors is created by the pressure that exists in the discharge system. Since back pressure occurs on the outlet side of a safety valve, it does meet the valve's set pressure, thereby causing the valve to open and close repeatedly. If the action is prolonged, then the valve will wear off fast. One way to solve the problem is to buy a valve whose back pressure is equal to or slightly higher than the set pressure. However, if the compressor is likely to face constant back pressure, then a pilot operated relief valve is appropriate for correcting the problem.

Take a look at different types and brands of valves, such as a Bailey reducing valve, to find the right option for your situation. 


15 May 2019

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