Two Useful Tips to Building a Custom, Eco-Conscious House

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The impact of climate change is being felt the world over. You may think that there is no difference you can make since there are billions of people in the world, but the truth is that even the smallest changes in your day-to-day living can make a change to the environment. One of the best ways to do this is by construction an eco-conscious home.

The great thing about custom home builders is that they can guide you through eco-friendly home design, which will go a long way in ensuring your house conserves energy. Furthermore, not only will you reduce your monthly expenditure on utility costs, but also an environmentally friendly home is bound to be profitable if you decide to sell it someday. If you are in the planning stages with your builders, here are some nifty tips you can use to build a custom, eco-conscious home.

Photovoltaic solar systems

This term may sound complex, but it simply means you should prioritise the inclusion of solar panels in the construction of your new home build. Also referred to as a PV system, this energy system will absorb sunlight and convert it into energy for your home. You may be aware of the main benefit of solar energy being that you drastically decrease your electricity bills, but this is not the only advantage that a photovoltaic solar system offers.

Since the energy is acquired from the sun, you are guaranteed that you are utilising emission-free power, which translates into a reduced carbon footprint for your household. Having this system incorporated into your home during the construction phase will be seamless so you will not have to engage in any type of renovations to accommodate this system down the road.

Double-glazed windows with low emissivity glass

You may be tempted to purchase traditional annealed glass for the windows of your new house since this is a cheap option. But what may seem cheap at the beginning will eventually prove costly. Windows happen to be one of the primary areas that your house will experience heat gain and heat loss. When you take into consideration the sometimes sweltering or chilly temperatures experienced in Australia, you will realise that you will be consuming a substantial amount of energy from your air conditioning system.

Double glazed windows are the perfect solution to this problem. The windows insulate your home from thermal changes since they function to keep the ambient temperature from interfering with your indoor environment. When you choose to have the windows coated with a low-e film, you block harmful ultraviolet rays from penetrating your home too. Therefore, you get the freedom to enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows around your home without the risk of thermal changes or UV exposure.

Talk with a custom home builder about what else you can do to make your new home eco-conscious. 


15 May 2019

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