How to Transform Your Awkward Bedroom by Installing a Built-In Wardrobe

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Unless you can afford the luxury of building a custom designed home from scratch, you will have to make do with whatever you buy. Most of the time, this is perfectly fine, but you occasionally have to deal with a bedroom that has a less than optimal shape. It may have some awkward corners that you can't do anything with, or you may have to squeeze past the bed to get at your ordinary wardrobe. None of this is ideal, and you may be particularly challenged when it comes to storage. Perhaps it's time for you to order a custom, built-in wardrobe instead to take full advantage of what you've got and to overcome your storage issues once and for all. Why is this such a good idea?


You may not understand why your bedroom was designed in that way and why you can't do anything realistic with that awkward corner. You may throw a bean bag over there so that you have at least made an effort, but it represents so much wasted space in reality. You're not particularly happy with your wardrobe either, as there is a lot of wasted space in there as well. You've crammed a lot of your possessions into a small space, and it's little wonder that you cannot find an item of clothing when you really want it.

Making Use

When you get a built-in wardrobe instead, your designer will be able to use that irregular corner and turn it into part of the wardrobe itself. They'll be able to design it carefully, no matter how unusual the dimensions are, and you will then be able to take advantage of the entire space from floor to ceiling.

Out With the Old

You will be able to get rid of that old wardrobe and focus on your new and extensive fitted version instead. It can be configured carefully to accommodate all of your possessions neatly stacked, hung or folded within its individual parts.

Extra Benefits

You can choose sliding doors and fit full-length mirrors. You can even put a dressing table section inside to free up more room elsewhere. Alternatively, your designer can build a fitted wardrobe up and around your dressing table to make a very stylish statement.

Dream Team

You may not be able to envisage how this will transform your room, but this is where special contractors come in. Bring them on board and let them look at your space so that they can work their magic of transformation.


27 June 2019

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