Is Your Circuit Breaker In Immediate Need Of Electrical Repairs?


You may be under the impression that your circuit breaker exclusively functions to cut power to overloading circuits. You should not underrate the importance of this appliance as a primary defence for your home when it comes to electrical fires and other forms of harm that could be posed by your electrical system. Thus, when the circuit breaker starts to show signs of progressive decline, it is imperative to seek electrical repairs immediately or you stand the chance of exposing you and your loved ones to extreme danger. It is crucial to note that if the circuit breaker is to malfunction, you are at impending risk of an electrical fire, which could translate into losing your home. The following is a brief list of a couple of signs indicating that your circuit breaker is in immediate need of electrical repairs.

Acrid odours emanating from the circuit breaker

The first obvious sign of looming danger from a malfunctioning circuit breaker is distinct burning odours coming right from it. A faint acrid smell is indicative of overheating that is causing the insulation to become warmer than it should. If the acrid odour is pungent, it is a clear sign of electrical fires happening inside the circuit breaker and this should not be left unchecked. If the circuit breaker is already experiencing fires, it means it has lost its ability to protect your home from shorts, which leaves your house vulnerable. Whatever the intensity of the burning, you should switch off your house's main power supply immediately and call an electrician to undertake the needed repairs.

Visible damage on the circuit breaker

In some instances, the circuit breaker may seem to be in functional condition. However, simply because it may not exhibit obvious signs of damage does not mean that it is in optimum condition. If you are experiencing flickering lights in your home but cannot smell anything from the breaker, you should open the panel to investigate the possibility of other damages. Although the circuit breaker is designed to stop the overload of electricity, it is not immune to damage from said tripping. The excessive electricity can eventually start to melt the wiring in the circuit breaker. Melted wires are of no good to you since they will be unable to contain the electrical current and this leads to further damage of the circuit breaker. If you notice scorch marks on the circuit breaker, it is definitely time for electrical repairs.


5 August 2019

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