How to use timber trusses in your new home

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If you are building a new home, then one of the earliest decisions you will need to make is what material you will use for the frame of the building. There are several choices available, but one of the most popular options is to use timber wall frames. If, alongside timber frames, trusses are also used, you have created a great style combination. Timber is a highly practical material that is strong and resilient while remaining beautiful to look at. When you use timber trusses, you have the opportunity to create a home that is not just perfectly functional, but also artistic. Trusses are an essential component of your roofing system, but they can also offer a point of significant architectural interest, allowing for a wide-open space that enhances the airiness and sense of volume within your building.

What size truss do you need?

You will need to work with a structural engineer to identify both the scale and the span of the needed trusses. When determining the appropriate truss size for your building, there are a number of issues which you will need to consider:

  • What loads will the truss be experiencing?
  • How will the timber frame be constructed?
  • How will the building respond to the loads placed upon it?
  • Can the materials and the component sizes be optimised to achieve a more effective performance?

What type of trusses will you be using?

Your architect, your structural engineer and other team members will all have something to input to your chosen design, but ultimately it is your home, and it's up to you to decide how you want the property to look. Your engineering team can work within your guidelines to ensure your design is structurally sound and will create an environment where you can safely live. There are five main types of truss you could consider using.

The most frequently seen type of truss is the common truss; it is sturdy and affordable. A way of increasing the strength of this truss is to divide the gable by adding two posts. This is known as the queen post truss. If you prefer a single post to divide the gable, then a king post truss could be the right solution. Scissor and hammerbeam are two other possible designs. Your architect should be able to show you pictures or samples of each of these truss types and provide more details on the advantages of each style.

Only when the perfect size and shape of your timber frame trusses and other components have been determined will it be time to start cutting your parts to the correct shape, allowing you to get on with the building work.



4 September 2019

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