Benefits Of Frosted Glass Doors For Your New Home

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When building a new home, you'll have a myriad of decisions to make regarding flooring, paint colours, countertops and furniture. Amongst the numerous choices, it can be easy to neglect the doors. However, doors are the perfect way to incorporate beautiful accent pieces into the decor, and they're also crucial for privacy and light flow. Here are some advantages of one option—frosted glass doors. 

Creates An Airy Aesthetic

Glass doors create an open, airy feeling in a home by allowing light flow between rooms and from outside. On the other hand, an opaque door forms a definite solid boundary that closes off a space. Glass provides separation and organisation between places without forming a total block.

Gives Added Privacy

A potential problem with clear glass doors is that they allow for too much light flow, thus reducing privacy. Frosted glass, though, provides the best of both worlds. These panels diffuse the light so that only shadows and outlines are visible through the door. Select from different levels of transparency to balance your light and privacy needs. Obscure glass also softens glare, while adding to the brightness of your home as light flows from room to room.

Offers Design Options

Frosted glass doors come in a wide range of beautiful designs and styles. Options range from traditional French doors to frameless sliding frosted doors, which impart a sleek, modern look. The glass panels can be set into the frame in a myriad of ways. For instance, they can form multiple horizontal rectangles evenly spaced throughout a timber door. Other styles include contoured timber insets with tall, narrow glass panes along the sides of the door. Frosting glazing styles are endless too. Intricate etchings, geometric motifs and organic waves are just a few possibilities. With a wide range of choices, you'll find it easy to match a door to your home style and decor.

Reduces Reliance On Artificial Lighting

A prime concern when planning home design is how it helps you to consume less energy. Glass doors make the most of the natural daylight within your home, allowing it to wander from space to space. Frosted glass entrance doors allow external light to move right down a hallway or another area. With the extra illumination, you can reduce the use or the strength of light globes. External sliding doors opening to your back garden have a similar impact: you could frost sections of the panels to control the brightness.

Your custom home builders can provide more ideas on door styles for your new haven.


29 October 2019

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