Four Indispensable Design Guidelines for a Pharmacy Fitout

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Proper set-up of a pharmaceutical retail shop is crucial. If the interior space is not designed and built well, some problems will arise. For instance, the customers might not be able to find the required medical supplies. Also, it will be difficult for the workers to keep track of the activities in the store. In addition, accidents might occur due to poor organisation. Therefore, if you are planning on designing your pharmacy, you should consult a professional fit-out expert. In addition, use these basic design tips to prepare for the project.

Plan for Lighting

The lack of sufficient light in a pharmacy can make the retail unpleasant. If the shop is dark, it will be difficult for people to check the information on products. The pharmacists might also struggle when reading prescriptions. Therefore, it is important to acquire suitable bulbs for your fit-out. Ideally, the chosen fixtures should be designed for task lighting. You can add a range of lamps in critical areas of the store. It is also worthwhile to invest in ambient lighting to create a warm atmosphere. If possible, consider increasing the flow of natural light into your shop.

Evaluate the Layout

The overall layout of the pharmacy should be uncomplicated. In simple terms, your customers should not experience difficulties when looking for products. There are different ways in which you can make your pharmacy convenient to navigate. For instance, consider the best way to place the shelves and create simple aisles. Also, find the best stop to have the check-out counter. You can also improve the flow of customers by investing in signage to indicate the placement of various products.

Consider Access

Accessibility is an important factor to consider when fitting out a pharmacy. You must keep in mind that there will be customers in your shop with mobility limitations. Therefore, it is advisable to account for their convenience and comfort. You can improve access in your shop by designing doors and aisles which can accommodate mobility aids like wheelchairs. Ramps are also beneficial if there are raised areas. Additionally, look into automating your doors to minimise difficulties.

Think About Shelving

Finally, you should plan with care for the placement of the medical products in your pharmacy. It is important to design shelves which can be used by your customers with ease. When purchasing or customising the shelving for your fit-out, try to maximise on the available room. However, you must ensure that there is adequate room on the shelves for all products to avoid constantly knocking them over. 

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21 May 2020

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