Five Recommendations When Looking for Plant Hire Companies

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Plant hire companies are essential to most construction projects throughout Australia. With so many potential firms that customers and contractors can hire, it can be difficult to ascertain the most suitable supplier for you. Below are five recommendations when deciding what plant hire company to use.

Call in Advance

It is important to call the plant hire company you intend to use well before you actually intend to rent out the equipment. You don't want to be left without the equipment you need for a job or project that needs to be completed in an allotted time frame, and calling in advance gives you the opportunity to contact alternative plant hire companies if the first one you called was unavailable at the time you need. This is especially important during busier times of the year, where equipment will be in high demand and you will have to compete with others.

Safety Suitability

Safety should always be a consideration when considering renting from plant hires, and potential customers should make sure that the plant hire company is conducting regular maintenance and inspections on their equipment. While the equipment's condition will decrease over time, it should still be in good condition if they are renting it out for hire.

Supplier Variety

Often in large construction projects, there is a multitude of different equipment that needs to be hired out from companies to reach project completion. As such, this means that contractors can be dealing with a huge number of plant hire companies in just one project, which can prove to be complicated to administer and very time-consuming.

For contractors looking to alleviate this potential headache, consider looking at plant hire companies that have a large variety of different equipment that suits your project's needs. Using a larger firm that provides all the hired equipment for a project saves costs due to the scale of orders and allows the project to be completed faster.

Repair support

Even if the equipment is in good condition, it can still become damaged, break or stop working. A good plant hire company should be able to provide customers with reliable and consistent onsite support should problems arise. As with any business, customer service is a factor that typically distinguishes a good firm from a truly great firm.


With so many plant hire companies on the market today, there is ample competition and market pressure on firms to provide top-quality logistical services when delivering hired equipment or picking up hired equipment. Many customers will choose firms for their capabilities to deliver products at a fast and consistent rate, and their ability to handle 100% of all logistics from point A to B. Customers should most certainly take advantage of the wide array of different firms and their capabilities.

For more information about plant hire, reach out to a company in your area. 


22 May 2020

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