Harbour Deliveries: How to Reduce Your Marine Transport Costs

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If you are planning on having your cargo delivered at the harbour, you must choose a reliable contractor for transportation. A professional hauler will make certain that the freight is delivered undamaged. Also, they will provide insurance for your goods in case of unforeseen accidents which might lead to the loss of your goods. In addition, the transporter will ensure that your freight is not delayed. Unfortunately, the cost of marine haulage can be high. If you are concerned about this, consider these tips for reducing your total expenses.

Consider the Distance

You should evaluate the distance over which your freight will be transported. As you might expect, if the goods will be moved over a long distance, the cumulative amount for the deliveries will be higher. Therefore, it is important to consider the options for managing this aspect of the undertaking. For instance, if you are acquiring goods from a remote, overseas location, it might be prudent to look for an alternative supplier in a closer and more accessible place. This will reduce your freight costs significantly.

Evaluate Your Freight

The shipping rate for your cargo will depend on the quantity of goods being shipped. Naturally, if you have a lot of goods, the cost will be higher. However, there are certain factors which you can take advantage of to make your delivery more affordable. For instance, if you order more goods at once, you might be eligible for discounts or lower rates from your marine transporter. It is also advisable to consider the general market. If there are more people shipping goods to your location, the rates might rise due to demand. Therefore, where possible, plan for haulage during off-peak periods.

Know the Service Charges

There are some charges that are imposed on all cargo being transported over marine waters. It is important to understand these expenses so that you can budget for them before scheduling your delivery. Moreover, if you know the charges, you can manage potential losses. In general, the transporter will charge a fee to cover any levies imposed by the authorities. This amount might be included in the shipping costs, so you should check with your transporter. The harbour will also charge a terminal fee. You can negotiate with the service provider, especially if you are often involved in oceanic haulage. Finally, check for any potential fines which can be charged and avoid violations which might attract financial penalties.

If you have concerns or questions about maritime transport, consult your marine transport company for advice.


28 May 2020

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