Benefits of Polished Concrete for a Kitchen Floor

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When researching flooring options for a kitchen, it's easy to feel overwhelmed at the vast range of options, from tiles made of various substances to timber planks. One attractive way to decorate your kitchen is to install concrete and get it polished, the benefits of which follow.

No Need for Additional Flooring Materials

Both old and new concrete slabs, in structurally sound condition, can undergo polishing. Thus, you won't need to pay for additional materials, such as tiles or planks. You can just enhance an existing concrete slab. 

Colour and Design Options

While contractors can polish existing grey slabs to create timeless surfaces with a natural look, they can also diffuse stains and dyes across the surface to imbue it with colour. They also add various aggregates such as pebbles, stones, or other elements that polishing brings to the surface. Plus, unlike floor options such as tiles, polished concrete forms a smooth continuous surface, giving your kitchen a sleek look.

Brightens Your Room

Polished concrete reflects lights and shadows of other objects, which adds depth and dimension to the flooring. The entire room will feel brighter, cleaner, and more open with extra light bouncing around the room.

Low Maintenance

Polished concrete creates an ideal hardworking surface as it can withstand high traffic and avoid marking. Additionally, you won't need to undertake extensive cleaning or maintenance, such as regular sealing or waxing. To look after the floor, wipe over it with a damp mop, and clean up spills promptly. You'll be spared grubby grouting that requires hours of scrubbing to get clean. 

Various Sheen Levels

Additionally, you can decide on the sheen level for concrete flooring. Contractors buff the floor with progressively less granular grit-filled pads, starting with coarser grits and applying progressively finer ones. Thus, they can stop the process earlier on when the concrete is buffed but matte. Or they can stop at any level, up to a high polish. 

Thus, concrete polishing provides a range of benefits. You can dispense the cost of flooring materials that go over a concrete base and, instead, polish the cement itself. You'll have endless design options, as contractors can apply colours and polish the concrete to your specified shine level. The sheen, combined with the continuous surface, will give your kitchen a smooth flooring option that doesn't demand high levels of maintenance. Plus, pebble and stone aggregates will add lovely textures and patterns to the flooring.


24 November 2020

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