A Simple Guide to Shower Screens

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Shower screens can be installed during a bathroom renovation or when your house is being constructed. The latter is the best time because your house is designed to accommodate all your bathroom shower screen needs.

Shower screens that are installed during bathroom renovations may limit you to particular designs because you might not have plenty of room to work with. That said, here is what you need to know about shower screens:

What Are the Shower Screen Designs Available?

The three most common shower screen designs include:

Fully-Framed Shower Screens

These are hardened glass panels that have a plastic or aluminium frame covering all the edges; this is mainly done for aesthetic purposes. 

Semi-Framed Shower Screens 

These are hardened glass panels that have a plastic or aluminium frame covering some of the edges; this is also done for aesthetic purposes. You can have three, two or one edges covered, leaving the other edges unframed. 

Frameless Shower Screens 

These are hardened glass panels that do not have any frame. Such a design offers a classy and elegant design, which has become popular in many homes. The glass panels are joined using stainless steel fixtures (these are durable; they do not corrode or rust easily, which makes them great for wet conditions). 

Installation Design: Opening Mechanism

The above shower screens can also be installed using different opening mechanisms, which is determined by whether you have enough room in your bathroom:

If you have plenty of space, your shower screen contractor may recommend hinged shower screens. These are opened and closed the same way you open and close standard doors, where they swing on hinges attached to one end. You need space to swing the shower screen door open; that is why these shower screens are best suited for spacious bathrooms.

If you have limited space, your shower screen contractor may recommend fixed or sliding shower screens. Fixed shower screens have large glass panels attached permanently around the shower area, leaving one side open; this is the entry and exit point where you can install a shower curtain. Sliding shower screens have a sliding door; you open or close it by pushing or pulling it to the left or right.

Can You Get Different Opacity Levels for the Glass?

Yes, you can. You may come across opaque, translucent or transparent shower screens. Choose based on your preference (do you think it looks good?) and lighting needs (opaque glass does not allow much light through). You might also want to consider privacy and bathroom aesthetics. 


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