3 Land Development Strategies You Need to Know

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Most people who invest in real estate consider raw land development a complex investment strategy. However, the process complexities should not discourage you from venturing into it, especially if you feel inspired. It is possible to do all your homework and completely understand how the real estate industry works. The only difference between investing in developed real estate and raw land is that raw land involves a few more steps. 

Once you get the ground, however, you can decide whether to use it for family developments, commercial or industrial complexes. Here are three main strategies that you ought to follow when venturing into raw land investment.

Consider the Economic Value of the Land

The first thing to consider should be the land's current economic value. Second, think about the possibility of the land appreciating soon. A competent realtor can help you appraise the land according to location, size, zoning and other qualities. They will help you figure out if the land will be appreciating any time soon. 

For example, a piece of land might be low-priced because it is far from access roads. However, if there is going to be a road project in the near future, the entire area could open up, which will increase the economic value of the land. Proper assessment of the land in terms of where it is and where it is likely to be in the next decade helps you make an informed purchase. 

Consider the Possible Total Cost of Acquisition

The other consideration to make is the cost of acquiring the land. Some first-time investors think about land acquisition only in terms of the acquisition alone. They often worry too much about the asking price and pay little attention to other aspects of the purchase, such as land rates, processing fees and additional charges.

To make the land development process easier, involve a realtor in the process. They will help you draft and make bids for the properties that interest you. They will also help you determine the maximum amount you will need to complete the project.

Think About Financing

The beauty of having a solid investment strategy is that you will find it easy to bring investors on board. Create the best business plan for the land development process. You can then approach lending institutions and get the financing you need to complete your project.

The crucial thing is working with realtors and contractors who know how raw land could be developed. They will help you get the most out of your land development ideas. Contact a land development company for more information. 


17 February 2021

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