A Guide On How To Execute A Knockdown Rebuild

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Over time, your needs change, and your house loses its functionality. For example, it could be that your family has grown larger or that you need a modern living area or kitchen. A knockdown rebuild is the easiest way to resolve this puzzle. Simply put, you knock down the old building and build a new home. This excerpt discusses how to conduct a successful knockdown rebuild. 

House Design

Ask your architect to design your new home. When conducting a knockdown rebuild, the underlying principle is that the new house should serve your family for generations to come. Therefore, ensure the blueprints incorporate modern designs, such as spacious kitchens, a home office, en suite bedrooms, large living spaces, utility rooms, recreational areas, and high energy efficiency. 

Establish The Project Costs

You do not have any room for mistakes when conducting a knockdown rebuild. Therefore, it would be wise to ask a surveyor for an accurate quote. Use this quote as a benchmark to determine how much you need to build your new home. The rule of thumb is that you should leave an allocation for miscellaneous expenses and unplanned expenses. If not, the project could stall if the labour or material prices go up. The benefit of a knockdown rebuild is that your bank will easily give a construction loan against the value of your land and your current income. 

Make Accommodation Plans

You will need new accommodation for your family. Since you might be cash strapped during the rebuild, your preferred housing option should be affordable. For instance, you could convert a shed in your compound to a living space. In such a way, you save on accommodation costs. 

Demolishing Your Home

Demolition for a knockdown rebuild is quite different from the standard demolition. Ideally, your contractor should save as many building materials as possible from the old building. It is a sure way to reduce construction costs. For example, you could refurbish old brickwork and timber. Besides, fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, and doors, could either be reused or resold. Most components of the roofing, plumbing, wiring, and drainage system can also be reused. 

Construction Considerations

Your immediate concern when commencing your knockdown project is the contractor. Start by vetting the contractor to ensure they have the skills and expertise needed to execute the project. Remember, slight delays will significantly inconvenience your family. Additionally, examine the builder's quote to ensure it is within your budget estimates. The contractor must give guarantees. Hire a licenced building surveyor to sanction the construction works. 

When conducting a knockdown rebuild, go for modern designs, make accommodation plans, set a budget, demolish your old home and consider the recommended tips when hiring a contractor. 


16 September 2021

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