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You may have distinct ideas about what paint you want in which part of your house, but the painters you hire will also have some say in this. When you choose the paint for your home, you're choosing more than a color and more than a quality, such as mildew resistance. You're also looking at ease of cleaning, odour-emitting capability, and more. This is why the painters have some say in what you use as they understand why some paints work better in different parts of your home. The painters can't force you to use a particular colour, but if they say a specific type of paint (regardless of colour) is better for a specific room, you should listen to them.

Oil-Based Paint Outside Only

Paint can have different liquid bases. Some paint is water-based; if you've heard of latex paint or acrylic paint, those are types of water-based paint. Other paints are oil-based. Oil-based paint emits a very strong odour as it dries and is no longer recommended for indoor use because of this. The odours are actually the release of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, and it can take a while for them to dissipate, especially indoors. While oil-based paint lasts a long time and is still favoured as a good indoor paint by some, that's not where it should go.

Gloss in Humid Areas Indoors

Your kitchen and bathrooms are subject to more humidity than the rest of the home because of the use of water and the presence of steam. Even if your kitchen is open to the main living area, the intensity of the humidity is greatest in the kitchen, where your cooking generates it. The paint in the kitchen and bathrooms must then be mildew-resistant and much easier to clean, because of the risk of food splatters and stains. Gloss or semigloss paint is best in these areas. The smoother surface makes it easier to wipe up splatters of cream or sauce and helps stop them from seeping into the paint layer.

Matte in the Rest of the House

Matte paint used in the rest of the house—bedrooms, living areas and hallways—is basic paint for areas that don't need special features such as ease of cleaning. Certainly, you want paint that's easy to clean and that is mildew-resistant, but matte paint is economical and excellent for areas where excess humidity or splashing isn't a risk.

The painters you hire have a range of paints that they can show you. You'll be able to choose a good combination of paint colours and qualities for a finished house that looks beautiful. 

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28 June 2022

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