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4 Things That Prospective Homeowners Must Bear in Mind During Rock Drilling

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In the construction industry, rock drilling is becoming more common as prospective homeowners shift towards outlying areas with rocky terrain. There are different reasons for constructing in such terrain; sometimes discerning homeowners desire picturesque locations in rocky areas, and sometimes the homeowners are discouraged by the expensive, limited space in urban areas. However, before you erect a structure on the rocky ground, you have to use sophisticated equipment to drill the rock formation.

3 July 2018

3 Portaloo Options for Construction Sites

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As stipulated by local authority regulations, construction sites are required to have adequate toilets. Instead of constructing a permanent or semi-permanent toilet, contractors prefer to hire portaloos due to their cost-saving aspect as well as ease of installation. However, when choosing a portaloo, most construction contractors tend to concentrate on simple details such as the number of people who are expected to use the toilet. While such aspects are critical, it is worth noting that they are not the only requisites that contractors should be considering.

29 May 2018

Manage Your Restaurant Better with Access Control Systems

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For the longest time, human beings have depended on locks and keys to secure homes, buildings, offices, and units. However, in a commercial facility like a restaurant with many employees, locks can only do so much to restrict access. You cannot monitor when and how the keys are used. People may duplicate the keys and gain access to restricted parts of the business. Access control systems provide a revolutionary security solution for residential and commercial spaces.

26 February 2018

3 Reasons You Need Specialist Marina Builders

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If you're undertaking a marina construction project, you probably have spoken to a variety of builders and are possibly wondering whether you should hire specialist marina builders. The answer is yes! Whether you are looking to have a pontoon, jetty or floating dock installed, these can be complicated projects which do require expert knowledge specific to working on water-based projects. Many marina builders will offer turnkey solutions alongside the custom design and engineering work, so do not assume that working with a specialist will automatically be out of your price range.

8 January 2018

3 Benefits of Installing a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

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If you are carrying out renovation work in your bathroom or kitchen, you may be concerned about the impact that moisture can have on the wall surfaces around the sinks or bath. If moisture soaks into the wall surface in a kitchen or bathroom, it can lead to peeling wallpaper, mould and damage to the wall itself. The easiest way of defending your home against the problems posed by moisture in a kitchen or bathroom area is to install glass splashbacks.

5 December 2017

Some Popular Material Selections Available for Exterior Bi-fold Doors

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Exterior doors are one of the most conspicuous components of any home. If you are planning to build a new home, it is important that you give careful consideration to the type of exterior doors you will install. There are different types of doors being commercially sold today in the construction market. This may make settling on a particular set of doors for your home exteriors rather confusing and difficult. If you are contemplating installing bi-fold doors, you should first be aware that they are not all made the same.

18 May 2017

Go Hard Or Go Home: The Advantages Of Choosing Hardwoods For Constructing Poolside Decks

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A poolside deck can add an extra touch of luxury and convenience to an already luxurious pool, and despite the advent of modern synthetic materials, timber is still highly prized for poolside deck construction. When built well, timber poolside decks boast beautiful looks and practical durability that few other materials can match—but only if you choose the right timber. Many less-expensive timber decks are made from so-called softwoods, such as pine, fir and spruce.

16 May 2017

Key Considerations When Selecting a Site for Critical Facilities

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A detailed site analysis should be conducted in order to determine the suitability of a site for use for critical purposes, such as data centers. This article discusses some of those key considerations that can help you to confirm the suitability of a site for your critical facilities. Likelihood of Natural Disasters The site analysis tries to assess how vulnerable that site may be to natural disasters. For instance, weather data for the past 100 years may be studied in order to find out the likelihood of flooding at that site.

11 May 2017

The Role Of A Certifier In An Owner-Builder Home Project

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Designing and building a new home as an owner-builder is a dream for many Australians. It's a way to have complete control over the quality of the workmanship and finishes and to feel a strong emotional attachment to the completed home. It can mean savings of thousands of dollars by minimising or eradicating the cost of contractor labour. If you're embarking on an owner-builder project, you'll still need to ensure that your home meets all the building regulations and codes that are required by your local council and your state government.

11 May 2017

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing Plasterboard Ceilings

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It is important that you avoid certain common mistakes if you decide to repair your plasterboard ceiling without involving a professional. This article discusses some of those common mistakes that you should watch out for during that repair project. Mistake 1: Not Fixing the Root Cause Plasterboard ceilings can develop issues due to several factors, such as a moisture leak. You should investigate and fix the root cause of the problem in the ceiling before you patch that damaged section.

9 May 2017